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IDAs and PASS: Exploring the Opportunities

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Plan To Achieve Self-Support, or PASS, is a work incentive most similar to and complementary of IDAs in terms of providing an opportunity for Social Security Disability beneficiaries to save for and acquire assets. While PASS and AFI IDAs differ slightly in their intended outcomes, the fact remains that both are valuable tools with the potential to assist people to acquire assets and enhance their ability to be more self-sufficient.

Intro for the paper Understanding the impact of Work, Earnings and IDAs on Social Security Benefits-

While the Title II and SSI programs share a common disability requirement and process for determining disability, they are very different programs when it comes to their purpose, non-disability eligibility requirements and their treatment of work, earnings, and resources.  Based on these important differences in program rules, answering the question “How will participating in an IDA affect a person’s eligibility for disability benefits and monthly benefit amounts?” requires first understanding which of the Social Security benefits a participant receives.