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Content Outline: Marketing to Employers

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What is Marketing to Employers?

Marketing to Employers refers to the process of developing a relationship with employers as a job-seeker’s representative and consistent with the job-seeker’s employment plan. It allows you an opportunity to inform them of your services and the capabilities of your job seekers. Marketing allows you to demonstrate to the employer that they are also your customer.

What are the benefits of Marketing to Employers?


  • Provides information to employers about including people with disabilities in their workforce.

  • Informs the employer that you are an intermediary serving dual customers. You serve both employers and job seekers, and add value to the employment process.

What skills are involved in Marketing to Employers?

Skills of Marketing to Employers:

  1. Assessing employer needs and concerns

  2. Representing the job seeker

  3. Developing and using marketing tools –brochures, testimonies, videos, etc.

  4. Becoming familiar with the current labor market to make an informed match between a job-seeker’s preferences and employer’s need.

  5. Guiding job seekers on disclosure of disability and options for requesting reasonable accommodations.

  6. Providing information about accommodations that employers might be willing to make 

  7. Guiding job seekers on ways to address a record of conviction/incarceration as part of the marketing process

  8. Supporting successful job seeker interviews

What is the result and/or product of Marketing to Employers?

A connection with an informed employer is established, preparing the way for negotiation of a job placement.