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Answering the Civilian Call of Duty to Uphold the Employment and Reemployment Rights of Uniformed Service Members: A Discussion of Obligations

by Olegario "Ollie" D. Cantos VII, Esq.

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Men and women of the United States Armed Forces are indeed deserving of the thanks of a grateful nation. These hard-working and dedicated individuals -regardless of sex, age, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, and economic background- give of their time, talents, energy, skill, and know-how in order to keep America free and to help advance the precious ideal of liberty throughout the world. A heartfelt debt of gratitude is owed by the American people to past, present, and future uniformed service members, whether enlisted or commissioned, no matter in what branch in which they serve, and whether they commit themselves to a career in the military, time as a reservist, or efforts in another auxiliary capacity.