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Age 18 Benefits Check-Up for Youth Transition Demonstration Participants:A Guide for Students, Families, and Professionals Fact Sheet

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This check-up should be conducted in the year following the 17th birthday for students and young adults who are enrolled in the SSA sponsored Youth Transition Demonstration Projects. The purpose of the check-up is to identify and proactively plan for any benefits changes that may occur upon turning 18 years of age. A written summary of the results of this benefits check-up should be completed and sent to the student and family.

There will be different areas that need to be checked depending on the type of Social Security disability benefits the student receives. For this reason it is imperative that the beneficiary's current status be confirmed before conducting the check-up! Only work through the issues which are relevant for the individual student. For each relevant issue, the object is to develop a plan of action for preparing for or dealing with the anticipated change.


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