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Workplace inclusion: Persons with disabilities and coworkers working together

by Paul Wehman

, . (2003). Workplace inclusion: Persons with disabilities and coworkers working together. , 0, .

The purpose of this article is to assist supported employment professionals with identifying and promoting quality integration outcomes for individuals with significant disabilities. Workplace inclusion is an important outcome measure of a quality employment program supporting individuals with disabilities. Multiple factors must be examined when determining if a particular job or employee is integrated. First, the indicators that are characteristic of vocational integration are described. Second, systematic procedures for assessing integration opportunities in the workplace and an individual's social preferences are discussed. Third, strategies for improving integration and quality of life outcomes are presented. The article emphasizes the importance of systematic and ongoing assessment of the job setting and the worker if maximum integration is to be achieved and maintained.

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 18(2), p. 131-141. 2003.


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