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Outside staffing arrangements are playing an increasingly important role in providing labor market flexibility and helping American businesses better manage their labor costs. The temporary help and staffing industry has become a national private sector jobs clearinghouse, providing individuals with scheduling flexibility, skills training, and a "foot in the door" facilitating entry or re-entry into the work force.

Temporary and staffing agencies work with people with disabilities in the same way they work with people without disabilities. The focus on the job placement process for all applicants is on individual abilities, job skills, and interests. The temporary staffing industry uses job assessment services, temporary job assignments and work skills training to assist individuals with disabilities to find employment. Most temporary staffing agencies provide:

individualized applicant assessment, systematized skill assessments for a variety of job tasks, matching employee skills to workplace demands, individualized training, and accommodations as part of the placement process.

For example, Lift, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that identifies, trains, and hires computer professionals who have physical disabilities through contracts with major corporations who eventually hire them directly. Lift employs its candidates under contract with various companies throughout the country. To its corporate clients, it provides a proven human resource development program for high performance computer professionals. Lift provides:

A not-for-profit "partner" participating in a profitable business relationship.
A source of intelligent highly motivated programmer-analyst candidates, who have been carefully screened and tested.
A professionally designed and administered training program adapted to a businesses unique system and documentation standard.
A one-year trial contract period with proven techniques for project assignment, supervision and appraisal.
A dependable source of trained computer specialists whose performance is competitive with that of non-disabled contemporaries.

For more information on temporary and staffing services contact:

The American Staffing Association is the voice of the staffing industry. ASA was founded to ensure that competent temporary and staffing services are available to business and industry while simultaneously providing flexible employment opportunities to the workforce.

Manpower has provided employment opportunities for millions of people around the world. Manpower has more than 3,200 offices in 50 countries. Manpower's systematic approach to interviewing, testing and training means a seamless method of placing individuals in office or industrial assignments.


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