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Supported Employment Definitions

Supported Employment is:

  • competitive work in integrated work settings;

  • for persons with the MOST severe disabilities;

  • for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred;

  • or for whom competitive employment has been interrupted or intermittent as a result of a severe disability; and

  • who, because of the severity of their disability, need intensive support services; or

  • extended services in order to perform such work.

  • This term also includes transitional employment for persons with the most severe disabilities due to mental illness.

SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES are defined in P.L. 102-569 as ongoing support services and other appropriate services, for individuals with the MOST severe disabilities. They are...

  • any service(s) that assist(s) an individual in entering or maintaining integrated, competitive employment;

  • based on the needs of the eligible individual, as specified in an IWRP; and

  • provided by the designated State unit for a period of time not to exceed 18 months; or

  • under special circumstances, mav be extended bevond 18 months if the eligible individual and the rehabilitation counselor jointly agree to extend the time in order to achieve the rehabilitation objectives in the IWRP.

Ongoing support services as defined in P.L. 102-569 are services provided to individuals with the most severe disabilities and...
  • occur at least twice monthly to assess the employment situation at the job site; or at the request of the client, off site;

  • and based on the assessment, provide for the coordination or provision of intensive services, at or away from the job site, that are needed to maintain employment stability; and

  • may include such things as:

    • a supplementary assessment;

    • intensive job-site training;

    • job development and placement;

    • social skills training;

    • observation or supervision of the individual;

    • contact with the employers,

    • individual, parents, family members, or advocates;

    • facilitation of natural supports; or

    • service identified in Section 103; or a service similar to one described in this subparagraph.

EXTENDED SERVICES include ongoing support services and other appropriate services needed to support and maintain an individual in supported employment. They are...
  • any service(s) needed to support an individual in maintaining integrated, competitive employment;

  • provided by any appropriate resource such as:

    • a State agency,

    • a nonprofit private agency,

    • or an employer

    • after the individual has transitioned from support provided by the designated State VR unit;

  • based on the needs of an eligible individual as specified in an IWRP which must include a statement of the source of the extended services.

  • If it is not possible to identify such a source, a statement may be included describing the basis for concluding that there is a reasonable expectation that such sources will become available. " Extended services may include natural supports.