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Culturally Sensitive Collaboration within Person-Centered Planning

by Kimberly J. Callicott.

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Person-centered planning (PCP) is a method of support for both individuals and systems. Through this process, individuals, families, and communities are strengthened by a focus on respective strengths and needs. Open-mindedness and attention to successful communication are some of the hallmarks of the procedures. These procedures are conducive to creating bridges and eliminating barriers for individuals and families who differ in some way from the normative culture. The same skillful facilitation that supports an individual who has a disability will also support an individual with a disability and cultural or language differences. This article provides background and a description of PCP based on process, components, and outcomes and examines each in relationship to working with individuals and families of other cultures and languages. Vignettes are used to provide support and examples of how professionals can be sensitive to differences in culture and language within the process.