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Consumer Satisfaction: A Survey of Individuals with Severe Disabilities who Receive Supported Employment Services

by Wendy Parent, John Kregel, & Angela Johnson

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Supported employment has been demonstrated to be a successful rehabilitation model for individuals with severe disabilities. This study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this employment model from the perspective of the individuals with severe disabilities whom it serves. A Consumer Satisfaction Survey, developed by individuals with disabilities and found to be a valid and reliable instrument, was administered to 110 persons with disabilities in Virginia through face-to-face interviews. The results indicate that the majority of consumers like their jobs. Most are happy with supported employment services and would use them again if they lost their job or decided to change jobs. Close to half of the consumers would like to change some aspect of their job to make it better and more than half feel their current job is not the career they would have permanently. The findings suggest the need to increase consumer involvement in all phases of supported employment service delivery. Strategies to insure consumer choice and respond to desires to change parts of their job or pursue career advancement opportunities are discussed.


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