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Lift Offers an Opportunity for A Productive Career

Lift, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that identifies, trains, and hires computer professionals who have physical disabilities through contracts with major corporations who eventually hire them directly. Lift employs its candidates under contract with various companies throughout the country.

Lift was founded in 1975 by Bill Woerner and Charles Schmidt, two experienced executives who developed a philosophy of applying pragmatic business methods to helping others achieve more productive careers and fulfilling lives. Donna Walters Kozberg joined Lift in 1981, bringing a rich background in vocational rehabilitation and public relations.

Donna Walters Kozberg, President & Chief Executive Officer, first served as New York Area director for Lift, Inc. and assumed the role of President in 1993. She is a certified rehabilitation counselor, and has graduate degrees in rehabilitation counseling, business management, and writing. A well-known expert in career development and workplace accommodations, she is active on the boards of numerous nonprofit, educational, and professional associations, and currently serves on the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Corporate Clients

Some of Lift's corporate clients include:

Banking and Finance
Consumer Goods and Other

To corporate clients, it provides a proven human resource development program for high performance computer professionals. Lift provides:

  • A not-for-profit "partner" participating in a profitable business relationship.

  • A source of intelligent highly motivated programmer-analyst candidates, who have been carefully screened and tested.

  • A professionally designed and administered training program adapted to your unique system and documentation standards.

  • A one-year trial contract period with proven techniques for project assignment, supervision and appraisal.

  • A dependable source of trained computer specialists whose performance is competitive with that of non-disabled contemporaries.

  • An opportunity for your corporation to participate in giving a lift to our country's vocational rehabilitation efforts.

Employees with Disabilities

To employees with disabilities, Lift extends an opportunity for a productive career. Lift offers:

A six-month training course at no charge. Training and employment at home and/or at corporate site. Remote, interactive computer terminal when needed. Voice synthesizer, Braille printer workstation, or other assistive technology, as required. Careful screening and matching of your skills and potential to employment requirements. Minimum one year employment with Lift on contract with one of its corporate clients. Employment benefits, professional supervision and career development. Prospective long term employment with corporate clients.

Lift, Inc. is active in cities throughout the United States. For More Information Contact:
E-mail Lift, Inc.
P.O. Box 4264
Warren, NJ 07059
(908) 903-0882

E-mail Lift, Inc.
P.O. Box 4264
Warren, NJ 07059
(908) 903-0882

Aetna Insurance Company
Allstate Insurance Company
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Delaware
The Boston Company
Combined Insurance Company of America
Hartford Insurance Group
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Mutual of New York
New York Life Insurance Company
Northwestern Mutual Life
Northwestern National Life Insurance Co.
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company
The Prudential Insurance Company
State Farm Insurance Companies
St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
Transamerica-Occidental Life
UNUM Group Life & Health

AT&T Information Systems
AT&T Technologies, Inc.
AMAX Corporation
Bell Atlantic
BOC Gases
Gould, Inc.
Honeywell, Inc.
Hughes Aircraft, Inc.
Inland Steel Company
International Harvester
3M Company
Motorola, Inc.
Polaroid Corporation
Rockwell, International
RCA Corporation
Standard Oil of Indiana
Storage Technology Company
Union Oil Company of California
Wakefern Food Corporation

Banking and Finance
Bank of Boston
Bank of Hawaii
Chem Network Processing Services, Inc.
Continental Bank
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
Federal Reserve System
First National Bank of Chicago
First of Denver
First Federal Savings and Loan
First Interstate Services Company
Home Federal Savings & Loan Assoc.
Marine Midland Bank, N.A.
Mercantile Trust-M Tech
MGIC Investment Corporation
Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
Northern Trust Company
Valley National Bank

Consumer Goods and Other
Abbott Laboratories
Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Amoco Corporation
Armour Company
Baker & Taylor Books
Colgate Palmolive Company
Educational Testing Service
Jewel Companies, Inc.
Johnson and Johnson
State of Kansas
Libby McNeil and Libby
McDonald's Corporation
Montgomery Ward and Company
Moore Business Forms
Nestle Company, Inc.
Pepsico, Inc.
Quaker Oats Company
Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.
Time, Inc.
TWA, Incorporated
United Airlines
Walgreen Company
State of Wisconsin


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