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The Business Leadership Network (BLN) was initiated through assistance from the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities. This program offers employers access to a pool of applicants with disabilities, pertinent disability employment information, a network of companies sharing information on specific disability employment issues, the opportunity to provide training and work experience for job seekers with disabilities, recognition for best disability employment practices, and access to a largely untapped market for goods and services. There are currently several states with a Business Leadership Network (BLN); become active in the BLN in your state.

For Example:

The Colorado Business Leadership Network (CBLN) is a partnership sponsored by the Presidents Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, The Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Synergy Human Resource Development Associates, Inc. The CBLN provides education, support services, and a peer network to serve businesses and help with all the resources needed to recruit, hire, train and support both new and current employees with disabilities. The CBLN operates a variety of services, programs and activities to assist businesses in attracting new employees and customers with disabilities such as: Education: CBLN provides diversity resources, customer service and recruiter training programs; membership meetings, seminars, and special events.

Job Advertisement: CBLN provides a recruitment service that will assist in advertising job opportunities to Denver area community resources.

Membership: CBLN provides networking opportunities, information and discount rates for job ad services and education programs.

Employer Support: CBLN provides individualized assistance in developing customized recruitment activities.

Training and Consulting: CBLN assist employers and organizations outside Colorado in developing, establishing and financing local BLN initiatives.

Recruitment outreach support

Job accommodation information

Access to resources and incentives

For more information on the Business Leadership Network, contact Carol Dunlap.