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Increase Recruiting Efforts for People with Disabilities

Over the years many companies have found that if they are going to bridge the gap between the number of available workers and the number of employment opportunities, they have to actively recruit, hire and train people with disabilities. Companies such as Electronic Data Systems (EDS), IBM, NationsBank, Ethyl, Dupont, UNUM, Johnson and Johnson, Marriott, AT&T, Boeing, Prudential, Sears, Kroger, and many others are forging ahead with innovative recruitment efforts. These and other companies are being more aggressive in their approach to recruit people with disabilities. If you are interested in expanding your recruiting efforts, consider the following:

  • Develop a recruitment plan;
  • Train key personnel on disability and diversity;
  • Establish internship and mentoring experiences for individuals with disabilities;
  • Promote flexible work policies;
  • Communicate the company culture and desire to recruit and hire applicants with disabilities; throughout the disability communities;
  • Use the ADA and Family Medical Leave Act as resources;
  • Establish telecommuting opportunities and explore job share possibilities;
  • Provide loan executives to schools and offer encouragement for students to enter more technical fields of training; and
  • Develop and target online recruiting with disability organizations.
Reach out to the entire community and develop direct contacts with people with disabilities. There is no better way to establish credibility and communicate a desire to recruit individuals with disabilities than to develop relationships that let the disability community know your interest in recruiting and hiring.

For example, Denise Roy a recruiter with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in Herndon, Virginia, has developed relationships with local community disability organizations and is reaching out to inform their membership about EDS's commitment to recruit and hire individuals with disabilities.