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What Can Students Do To Increase Their Involvement In School To Work Activities?

Tens of thousands of young people with disabilities are leaving the public schools and looking for opportunities in the workforce. These young adults are looking for their rightful place in the community. As students enter high school their efforts should focus on what they are going to do with their lives.

Students Should Build Skills That Will Help Them Succeed In An Employment Setting.

  • Be on time--show up to class, appointments, and job responsibilities on time
  • Practice interviewing with teachers and others
  • Interact appropriately with people in positions of authority or supervision
  • Assume responsibility for her or his actions
  • Learn to manage time
  • Ask for help if you do not know what to do
Students Should Explore A Variety Of Jobs And Careers
  • If the student is not sure what types of employment or careers he or she is interested in, they should ask their teacher to help
  • Complete Interest and career questionnaires
  • Participate in job shadowing where the student follows a worker for a day or more to find out more information about what people in the job do and what is required to have this type of job
  • Participate in career or job fairs at school or in the community to increase understanding of possible jobs or careers.
Students Should Participate In A Variety Of Jobs
  • Participate in job exploration and job-training opportunities
  • Work with school personnel and agencies (e.g.VR) to get different jobs
  • Volunteer to gain job-related experiences
Students Should Take Classes That Assist In Learning Skills To Succeed In Daily Life
  • Take classes that assist in learning skills such as: managing money, shopping, cooking, paying bills, and take care of your clothes.
  • Learn to use computers
  • Take classes that help to learn study skills, test-taking skills, time management, self-evaluation, and organizational skills.