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Frequently Asked Questions about Self Employment

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Implementing self employment for individuals with significant disabilities involves minimizing the fears of the prospective business-owner, as well as the rehabilitation and local small business development professionals who assist them. The success rate of small business is surprisingly high, despite widely accepted folklore to the contrary. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that over 79% of small businesses are still operating after the initial eight years. And, the long term trend in employment is smaller firms. Self employment and small business are a defining characteristic of America's economic landscape, and present a tremendous opportunity for those most challenged by the competitive labor market.

Although all small business and self employment circumstances are unique, Cary Griffin and Dave Hammis have collected and addressed some of the most common concerns regarding self employment. Some of these questions include:

  • Where can I get grant money to start a business?
  • If a person cannot read or write, how can they possibly be expected to operate a profitable business?
  • How does someone finance a small business?
  • How long can we expect a small business to last?
  • How small a business is too small?
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*For More information on developing a business please read:

Making Self Employment Work for People with Disabilities by Griffin & Hammis


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