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People with Disabilities Can Fill Many Positions

Sandy was hired by a university card service to perform customer service duties. She takes pictures of students, faculty, and staff using a computerized photographing system. To make the job accessible, her camera was moved from the floor to a table at her work station.

Since Sandy was unable to use a standard mouse, it was replaced with a trackball. A trackball is simply an upside down mouse that allows you to move the cursor with one finger. The cost is about $80, and one can be purchased at most office supply stores. Sandy's employer was so pleased with the efficiency of the trackball that she purchased these for all her employees!

Sandy also keeps a record of all of the customers who come into the office. Because she has difficulty picking up a pen, she decided to use a typewriter to keep track of customers. Not only does the typewriter increase her speed, but the list is neater as well.

Sandy was unable to handle money to balance her cash drawer. A phone call to a local bank to inquire about purchasing a currency counter resulted in the acquisition of one from surplus at no cost.

Sandy's co-workers also are benefiting from these additions to their office.

For further information:

Contact The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) an international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with functional limitations. Anyone may call JAN for information. Consultants who understand the functional limitations associated with disabilities and who have instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about accommodation methods, devices and strategies answer calls. JAN preserves the confidentiality of communication between caller and consultant.

If you want more information related to the accommodations for Sandy contact:
Dr. Katherine Inge or Ms.Wendy Strobel 

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