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Bridge to Employment: Job Search

Bridging The Gap Between The Disability Community And Employers

According to the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), 35 million Americans with a disability are of working age. This diverse population includes people with a variety of physical and mental impairments, many of whom have advanced degrees and substantial work experience. Seventy-percent of this community currently are not working, leaving their talent and degrees unutilized. "It can often be difficult for recruiters to find disabled workers; many of them do not know how to begin their search," said Andrew J. Imparato, president and CEO for the AAPD. "Part of our mission is to help recruiters with their outreach efforts and connect them with a qualified person with a disability."

AAPD recently formed a partnership with, an e-cruitment solutions provider. The partnership provides AAPD members with all the necessary resources to find employment, including the ability to network with companies in cyberspace and post a resume for recruiters to see. The career site, at, is accessible to all people with disabilities. "A major milestone is developing this career center was making it accessible to the disability community," said Michael Forrest, president of "A lot of sites are not accessible, especially to the visually impaired. JobOptions and AAPD were totally committed to making all the necessary modifications to the site and using the best technology available to ensure it could accommodate AAPD members." As a network partner, AAPD joins JobOptions' Diversity Channel.

Founded in 1991, has been the fastest-growing recruitment network on the Web., headquartered in Cleveland, OH, is a subsidiary of Spherion Corporation (NYSE: SFN), a $3.7 billion human capital management company. To learn more on Spherion, visit:

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