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Centers for Independent Living in Support of Transition

by Kristi E. Wilson

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Centers for Independent Living (CILs) have long been in the business of providing a variety of community-based support services to people with disabilities. The provision of transition services to youth and young adults, however, has for the most part been the responsibility of regional school systems and, to some extent, of other state rehabilitative service agencies. In the last few years, CILs have played an increasing role in the provision of transition services through the development and implementation of CIL-specific programs and services and as part of collaborative, multidisciplinary, community-based transition teams. Because of their unique administrative and operational organization, CILs have begun to play an integral role in the support of youth and young adults in transition. As a result, local, state, and federal agencies are continuing to determine the short- and long-term role of CILs in support of transition.