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Functions and Knowledge Domains for Disability Management Practice: A Delphi Study

by Kenneth F. Currier; Fong Chan; Norman L. Berven; Rochelle V. Habeck; Darrell W. Taylor.

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The importance of job functions and knowledge domains to the practice of disability management was examined by systematically obtaining the opinions of a panel of 44 recognized experts in disability management. As proposed by Habeck and Kirchner (1999), disability management was conceptualized at two levels of practice. Level I (DM) was defined as administrative and managerial in nature, with an organizational focus. Level II (dm) was conceptualized as human-service oriented, involving the direct provision of services to individual clients. The results indicated that many functions and knowledge domains that appear to be generally important to disability management practice, while others appear to have greater or lesser salience depending on whether services are focused at the organizational or individual level of intervention.

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