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Employers' Views of Workplace Supports: VCU Charter Business Roundtable's National Study of Employers' Experiences with Workers with Disabilities Monograph

by Darlene Unger, John Kregel, Paul Wehman & Valerie Brooke; May 2002


Chapter 1: Employers' Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities in the Workforce: Myths or Realities? by: Darlene D. Unger

Chapter 2: Human Resource Professionals and the Employment of People with Disabilities: A Business Perspective by: Darlene D. Unger, Paul Wehman, Satoko Yasuda, Leanne Campbell, and Howard Greene

Chapter 3: How Do Front-Line Supervisors in Business Perceive the Performance of Workers with Disabilities? by: Darlene D. Unger

Chapter 4: Employers' Knowledge and Utilization of Accommodations by: Darlene D. Unger and John Kregel

Chapter 5: Workplace Supports: A View from Employers Who Have Hired Supported Employees by: Darlene D. Unger