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Designing Community-Based Vocational Programs Manual

by Katherine J. Inge & Paul Wehman; 1993

Designing Community-Based Vocational Programs

for Students with Severe Disabilities

Edited by: Katherine J. Inge and Paul Wehman

The Vocational Options Project was a demonstration grant funded through the US Deptartment of Education. The purpose of the project was to provide community-based training experiences to students who otherwise had been excluded from this type of programming. The monograph that we are sharing with you was developed as a result of this project. Feel free to download or print this information.

Chapter 1: Community-Based Vocational Preparation for Students with Severe Disabilities; Designing the Process

Chapter 2: Community-Based Vocational Instruction and the Labor Laws: A 1993 Update

Chapter 3 Challenging Behaviors in the Work Place: Increasing One Students Access to Community-Based Vocational Instruction Using a Changing Criterion Design

Chapter 4 Supported Employment for School-Age Students with Severe Disabilities: Issues and Applications

Chapter 5 The Application of a Self-Management Procedure to Increase Work Production: A Community-Based Case Study Example 

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