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Applications for youth with learning disabilities

by Getzel, E.E., & Gugerty, J.J.

Getzel, L. & Gugerty, J. (2013). Applications for youth with learning disabilities. In Wehman, P. & Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young Adults with Disabilities (New 5th Edition) (pp. 401-417). Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.

 For more than two decades, the trusted Life Beyond the Classroom text has shaped the practices of thousands of professionals helping students make a smooth transition from school to adulthood. Now this landmark textbook is in a NEW fifth edition—updated with the cutting-edge information professionals need in today's changing world, as young people with disabilities face unprecedented financial, family, employment, and educational challenges.

A definitive compendium of up-to-date, evidence-based transition research, this expanded new edition takes Life Beyond the Classroom to the next level. Future professionals will get all the latest best practices and timely research on the full spectrum of transition topics, from assessment and assistive technology to social skills and self-determination. And with the unparalleled new package of online companion materials (see below for details), instructors will enhance their teaching with videos, activities, PowerPoint slides, and a convenient test bank. With this comprehensive revision of a pioneering text, the next generation of professionals will be fully prepared to give young people with disabilities appropriate, effective, and individualized support as they navigate our increasingly complex society.


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