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Supported Employment: What is it?

by Paul Wehman, Ph.D.

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Wehman, P. (2012). Supported Employment: What is it?. , 0, .

It is my pleasure to introduce the first European and Australian special issue on supported employment. Through the incredible efforts of F. Borja Jord´an de Urr´ies and Miguel Angel Verdugo, this issue and manuscripts were put together early in 2012. Supported employment has truly become a world-wide phenomena, a true way to help those with disabilities who are unable to successfully gain or retain employment on their own to enter the labor force with dignity and inclusion with others in society. These successes are a tribute to the individuals with disabilities and their families who were willing to venture out into the workforce and take a chance. These successes are a direct tribute to the employment specialists, the counselors, the job coaches and the rehabilitation psychologists who made these jobs a reality with day to day support and help when needed.

Wehman, P. (2012). Supported Employment: What is it?. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 37(3), 139-142.