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Return to Work Following Traumatic Brain Injury

West, M., Targett, P., Crockatt, S. & Wehman, P. (2012). Return to Work Following Traumatic Brain Injury. , : .

Brain Injury Medicine, Principles and Practice, Second Edition

Vocational rehabilitation (VR) efforts in traumatic brain injury (TBI) have paralleled the increasing survival rate for those experiencing severe injury. Return to work (RTW) following TBI is increasingly viewed not only as worthwhile economically, but therapeutically as a means of cognitive and physical rehabilitation (1). Despite advances in critical care and rehabilitation methods, the research literature has consistently documented that RTW rates, particularly for those who sustain severe injuries, remain low (2–4). In this chapter, we will focus not only on specific RTW issues, but also critical related factors such as career counseling in terms of work supports but community issues that affect employment.We beginwith a review of the RTW literature, with emphasis on those who experience more significant TBI.