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JVR 20th Anniversary- Editor’s Introduction

by Wehman, P.

Wehman, P. (2011). JVR 20th Anniversary- Editor’s Introduction. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 35(3), 143.

This year culminates 20 years of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation. The Journal has focused on research, literature reviews, discussion pieces, commentaries, case studies and program descriptions which can help influence the fields of rehabilitation, disability and disability policy and special education. Over the past 10 years the Journal has grown more international in scope. It has grown from 4 issues per year to 6 issues and is now the official journal for members of APSE: The Employment Network. We have published articles on transition, supported employment, employers and their attitudes and practices, HIV, autism, psychiatric impairment, disability policy, consumer advocacy and vocational rehabilitation practices. The majority of papers are unsolicited, but many still reflect invited issues such as this one on Supported Employment and Social Relationships in the Workplace led by Dr. Jeanne Novak, Dr. David Mank and Dr. Pat Rogan