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Current and future challenges in vocational

by Brian T. McMahon, and Fong Chan

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McMahon, B. (2011). Current and future challenges in vocational. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 35(3), 189-191.

We are pleased to add our commentary to those of our distinguished colleagues. Indeed, the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation has come a long way in the past 20 years. Subscribers and contributors come from every discipline in healthcare and human services and from many countries and cultures. We know from experience that subscribers read this journal and endeavor to translate the findings and innovations contained therein. Between us we have published 19 manuscripts in JVR, and have reviewed scores of manuscripts as members of the Editorial Board. We have always been impressed with the range of ideas, the quality of submissions, and the potential for knowledge translation that each article promises. This is a journal for working professionals who labor in the vineyard of vocational rehabilitation (VR) in every conceivable service delivery system: community based rehabilitation programs, the state-federal vocational rehabilitation program, veterans rehabilitation, industry based disability management, employee assistance programs, case management settings, school-to-work transition programs, special education, employer networks, and more. Readers and contributors include rehabilitation counselors, rehabilitation psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, policy makers, labor economists, disability management specialists, transition specialists, job coaches, administrators, work evaluators, job placement specialists, occupational health nurses and physicians, physiatrists, life care planners and a variety of other allied health and human services professionals.

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