Personal Assistance in the Workplace: A Customer-Directed Guide Manual

by Ed Turner, Grant Revell & Valerie Brooke; February 2001


About the Authors

Introduction by Paul Wehman

Chapter 1: Using Personal Assistance as a Workplace Support by Ed Turner

Chapter 2: Using A Self-Assessment in Finding the Right Personal Assistant by Ed Turner

Chapter 3: Training a Person with a Disability to Use PAS by Jeanette Strong

Chapter 4: Workplace Personal Assistant Services: Employers Perspective by J. Michael Barcus & Pamela Targett

Chapter 5: Keys to Being an Effective Workplace Personal Assistant by John Barrett

Chapter 6: Workplace Personal Assistance Services & Assistive Technology by Wendy Strobel & Jennifer Todd McDonough

Chapter 7: Funding Options and Opportunities for Personal Assistance Services at the Workplace by Valerie Brooke

Chapter 8: Independent Living & Employment Services: Equal Paths to Community Integration by Susan Webb