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Details The Essential Elements of Customized Employment: Results From a National Survey of Employment Providers. (2022). Customized Employment 2022
Details Use of Customized Employment in State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs: A Retrospective Study 2017–2020. (2022). Customized Employment 2022
Details Customized employment as a pathway to competitive integrated employment: An analysis of RSA 911 data of state vocational rehabilitation agencies with the highest use of this intervention. (2022). Customized Employment 2022
Details Virginia’s self-determination project: Assisting students with disabilities to become college and career ready. (2014). Transition to College 2014
Details Barriers and facilitators to employment as reported by people with physical disabilities: An across disability type analysis. (2018). 2018
Details Defining customized employment as an evidence-based practice: The results of a focus group study. (2018). Customized Employment 2018
Details Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans with amputation: An exploration of resilience, employment and individual characteristics. (2018). Veterans 2018
Details Person-environment contextual factors as mediators for the relationship between symptom cluster and employment outcome in multiple sclerosis. (2018). Multiple Sclerosis 2018
Details Promoting and enhancing self-determination to improve the post-school outcomes of people with disabilities. (2018). Self-Determination 2018
Details Quality employment outcomes after multiple sclerosis: A comparison of participants from a specialty hospital and the National MS Society. (2018). Multiple Sclerosis 2018
Details The State of the Science Conference. (2018). 2018
Details Factors Influencing Functional Outcomes and Return-to-Work After Amputation: A Review of the Literature. (2018). Veterans 2018
Details Studying abroad inclusively: Reflections by college students with and without intellectual disability. (2017). Special Education 2017
Details Predictors of Higher Education Participation for Students with Disabilities. Transition to College
Details Community integration: current issues in assistive technology and vocational rehabilitation for individuals with TBI. (2009). Traumatic Brain Injury 2009
Details Transition planning for youth with traumatic brain injury: Findings from the National Longitudinal Transition Survey-2. (2014). Traumatic Brain Injury 2014
Details Effect of supported employment on vocational rehabilitation outcomes of transition-age youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A case control study. (2014). Supported Employment 2014
Details Transition From School to Adulthood for Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder. (2014). Autism 2014
Details Competitive Employment for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial. (2014). Autism 2014
Details Predictors of Successful Transition from School to Employment for Youth with Disabilities. (2015). Transition to Work 2015
Details Separation from supported employment: a retrospective chart review study. (2015). Supported Employment 2015
Details Employment Interventions for Individuals with ASD: The Relative Efficacy of Supported Employment With or Without Prior Project SEARCH Training. (2015). Autism 2015
Details Employment for adults with autism spectrum disorders: A retrospective review of a customized employment approach. (2016). Autism 2016
Details Effects of an employer-based intervention on employment outcomes for youth with significant support needs due to autism. (2017). Autism 2017
Details Vocational rehabilitation services and competitive employment for transition-age youth with autism spectrum disorders. (2016). Autism 2016
Details Vocational rehabilitation services and outcomes for transition-age youth with traumatic brain injuries. (2015). Traumatic Brain Injury 2015
Details Post-concussion symptoms in mild traumatic brain injury: Findings from a pediatric outpatient clinic. (2017). Traumatic Brain Injury 2017
Details Evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook to impact the knowledge of evidence-based employment practices by individuals with traumatic brain injury: A knowledge translation random control study. (2017). Traumatic Brain Injury 2017
Details United States Congress, Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions: Introductory remarks. (2014). Transition to College 2014
Details Barriers to and Facilitators of Employment among Americans with Multiple Sclerosis: Results of a Qualitative Focus Group Study. (2016). Employment Research 2016
Details Customized employment: A review of the literature. (2015). Customized Employment 2015
Details Predictive validity of the Individual placement and support fidelity scale (IPS-25): A replication study. (2015). Employment Research 2015
Details National Core indicators: Data on the current state of employment of adults with IDD and suggestions for policy development. (2015). Employment Research 2015
Details Generating integrated work sites for individuals with significant intellectual disabilities. (2014). Job Development and Marketing 2014
Details Trans Cen Inc's. WorkLink Program: A new day for day services. (2014). Job Development and Marketing 2014
Details Consumer perspectives on reasons for unsuccessful VR case closure: An exploratory study. (2011). Vocational Rehabilitation 2011
Details Understanding employers’ hiring intention in relation to qualified workers with disabilities. (2011). Employer Partnerships 2011
Details Longitudinal outcomes of Project SEARCH in upstate New York. (2015). Transition to Work 2015
Details The viability of self-employment for individuals with disabilities in the United States: A synthesis of the empirical-research literature. (2012). Self-Employment 2012
Details Integrating customized employment practices within the vocational rehabilitation system. (2015). Customized Employment 2015
Details Leveling up to business-focused job development. Job Development and Marketing
Details The Employer's Guide to Supported Employment. Supported Employment
Details A randomized controlled trial of evidence-based supported employment: Nonvocational outcomes. Supported Employment
Details Understanding the competencies needed to customize jobs: A competency model for customized employment. (2013). Customized Employment 2013
Details What does it take to build an employment collaborative for people with disabilities?. (2015). Employment Research 2015
Details Employment outcomes for individuals with spinal cord injuries: 2011 - 2013. (2015). Spinal Cord Injury 2015
Details Supported Employment: What is it?. (2012). Supported Employment 2012
Details Promoting transition to adulthood for youth with physical disabilities and health impairments. (2013). Transition to Work 2013
Details Employment and workplace accommodation outcomes among participants in a vocational consultation service for people with multiple sclerosis. (2013). Accommodations 2013
Details Functional limitations in TBI and their relationship to job maintenance following work re-entry. (2013). Traumatic Brain Injury 2013
Details Moving employment research into practice: Knowledge and application of evidence-based practices by state vocational rehabilitation agency staff. (2013). Vocational Rehabilitation 2013
Details Supported Employment for Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Preliminary Data. (2012). Autism 2012
Details Involvement in Bullying among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Parents' Perspectives on the Influence of School Factors. (2012). Autism 2012
Details Effectiveness of supported employment for veterans with spinal cord injuries: results from a randomized multisite study. (2012). Veterans 2012
Details Prevocational services and supported employment wages. (2012). Supported Employment 2012
Details Do adults with autism benefit monetarily from working in their communities?. (2011). Autism 2011
Details Project SEARCH for Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Increasing Competitive Employment On Transition from High School. (2012). Autism 2012
Details The Economics of Supported Employment: What New Data Tell Us. (2012). Supported Employment 2012
Details The Apple iPod Touch as a vocational support aid for adults with autism: Three case studies. (2012). Assistive Technology 2012
Details Special education teachers serving students with autism: A descriptive study of the characteristics and self-reported knowledge and practices employed. (2011). Autism 2011
Details Transition from school to work for students with ASD; Understanding the process and achieving better outcomes. (2012). Autism 2012
Details JVR 20th Anniversary- Editor’s Introduction. (2011). Supported Employment 2011
Details Do Sheltered Workshops Enhance Employment Outcomes for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder?. (2012). Autism 2012
Details Transition from School to Work: Where are we and where do we need to go?. (2012). Transition to Work 2012
Details Editorial - Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, vol. 36, no. 1. (2012). Federal Legislation 2012
Details Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program: Current program results document the program's ability to improve employment outcomes, reduce dependence on benefits,and generate cost savings for SSA. (2012). Social Security 2012
Details Topic areas to consider when planning transition from high school to postsecondary education for students with autism spectrum disorders.. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Adult Autism and Employment: A Guide for Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals. Autism
Details Employment and Post-Secondary Educational Activities for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders During the Transition to Adulthood. (2011). Autism 2011
Details Functional analyses and treatment of precursor behavior. (2008). Special Education 2008
Details The benefits of social skills groups for young people with autism spectrum disorder: a pilot study.. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Functional communication training in the classroom: a guide for success. (2010). Special Education 2010
Details Social Skills Interventions for Individuals with Autism: Evaluation for Evidence-Based Practices within a Best Evidence Synthesis Framework. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Review of social skills training groups for youth with Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism.. (2011). Autism 2011
Details Special education teachers serving students with autism: A descriptive study of the characteristics and self-reported knowledge and practices employed. (2011). Autism 2011
Details An analysis of social skills instruction provided in teacher education and in-service training program for general and special educators.. (2009). Special Education 2009
Details Social competence and social skills training and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders.. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Functional behavior assessment in classroom settings: scaling down to scale up. (2011). Special Education 2011
Details Issues, policies and recommendations for improving the education of learners with autism spectrum disorders. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Children with autism spectrum disorder and literacy instruction: an exploratory study of elementary inclusive settings. (2011). Autism 2011
Details A survey of personnel preparation practices in autism spectrum disorders. (2011). Autism 2011
Details Evaluating the Effectiveness of Video Instruction on Social and Communication Skills Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Review of the Literature. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Expanding the paradigm: postsecondary education options for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Development of the Evaluative Method for Evaluating and Determining Evidence-Based Practices in Autism. (2008). Autism 2008
Details Detecting autism spectrum disorder in children with intellectual disability: which dsm-iv-tr criteria are most useful?. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Parenting in families with a child with autism spectrum disorder and a typically developing child: Mother’s experiences and cognitions. (2010). Autism 2010
Details The Evaluation of the Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment. (2011). Federal Legislation 2011
Details Positive Behavior Supports. (2000). Person Centered Planning 2000
Details Autistic spectrum disorders and primary-secondary transition. (2006). Autism 2006
Details Evidence-based social skills interventions for children with autism: A meta-analysis. (2009). Autism 2009
Details A review of recommended social competency programs for students with autism spectrum disorders. (2007). Autism 2007
Details Strategies for supporting the sensory-based learner. (2009). Special Education 2009
Details Efficacy of sensory and motor interventions for children with autism. (2002). Autism 2002
Details Decision-Making in secondary and tertiary interventions of school-wide systems of positive behavior support. (2010). Special Education 2010
Details Positive behavior supports for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. (2010). Autism 2010
Details A descriptive, multiyear examination of positive behavior support. (2011). Special Education 2011
Details Reading comprehension instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders: A review of the literature. (2007). Autism 2007
Details Matching literacy profiles with instruction for students on the spectrum: Making reading instruction meaningful. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Supporting students with autism spectrum disorders in inclusive settings. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Helping students with autism spectrum disorders in general education classrooms manage transition. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Conceptualizing functional behavior assessment as prevention practice within positive behavior support systems. (2005). Special Education 2005
Details Strategies for developing and carrying out functional assessment and behavior intervention planning. (2008). Federal Legislation 2008
Details Child temperaments, differential parenting, and the sibling relationships of children with autism spectrum disorder. (2008). Autism 2008
Details Siblings of individuals with autism spectrum disorder: Sibling relationships and wellbeing in adolescence and adulthood. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Families with children who have autism spectrum disorders: Stress and support. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Parental Stress and autism: Are there useful coping strategies?. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Autism spectrum disorders and sibling relationships: Research and strategies. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Discrete trial training in the treatment of autism. (2001). Autism 2001
Details Evidence based practices and students with autism spectrum disorders. (2005). Autism 2005
Details A parallel and distributed-processing model of joint attention, social cognition and autism. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Academics and cognitive profiles of students with autism: Implications for classroom practice and placement. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Determining evidence-based practices in special education. (2009). Special Education 2009
Details Effectiveness of a novel community-based early intervention model for children with autistic spectrum disorder. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Who benefits from early intervention in autism spectrum disorders?. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Early identification of autism: Early characteristics, onset of symptoms, and diagnostic stability. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Identification and evaluation of children with autism spectrum disorders. (2007). Autism 2007
Details The screening and diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders. (1999). Autism 1999
Details Infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorder: Early identification and early intervention. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Effects of augmentative and alternative communication intervention on speech production in children with autism: A systematic review. (2008). Autism 2008
Details College-based inclusion programming for transition-age students with autism. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Theory of own mind in autism: Evidence of a specific deficit in self-awareness?. (2010). Autism 2010
Details Academic achievement profiles of children with high-functioning autism and asperger-syndrome: A review of literature. (2009). Autism 2009
Details A large-scale study of the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome. (2007). Autism 2007
Details Addressing the persistence and retention of students with disabilities in higher education: Incorporating key strategies and supports on campus. (2008). Transition to College 2008
Details Experiences of college students with disabilities and the importance of self-determination in higher education settings. (2008). Self-Determination 2008
Details Adapting the self-determined learning model of instruction for college students with disabilities. (2008). Transition to College 2008
Details The facts ma’am just the facts: Social security disability benefit programs and work incentives. (2008). Social Security 2008
Details Racial differences in employment outcomes after traumatic brain injury. (2008). Traumatic Brain Injury 2008
Details Transition from school to adulthood for youth with autism: Review and recommendations. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Quality indicators for competitive employment outcomes: What special education teachers need to know in transition planning. (2009). Special Education 2009
Details Ethnicity/Racial difference in employment outcomes following Spinal Cord Injury. (2009). Spinal Cord Injury 2009
Details Work Incentives Planning and Assistance: Assisting Beneficiaries to Obtain Employment and Reduce Dependence on SSA Benefits. (2009). Social Security 2009
Details Enhancing the post-secondary campus climate for students with disabilities. (2000). Transition to College 2000
Details Providing intensive educational supports at Virginia Commonwealth University. Assistive Technology
Details Comprehensive career planning: The VCU Career Connectoins Program. Transition to College
Details Strategies for Implementing Professional Development Activities on College Campuses: Findings fromthe OPE-funded projects sites (1999-2002). (2004). Transition to College 2004
Details Case studies that illustrate achieving career success in post secondary education through self-determination and problem solving skills.. Self-Determination
Details Parent participation in the transition planning process. (2001). Parents 2001
Details Employment satisfaction of individuals with spinal cord injury.. (2000). Spinal Cord Injury 2000
Details Project Corporate Support (CORPS): A model demonstration oproject on workplace supports.. (2001). Supported Employment 2001
Details Productive work and employment for persons with traumatic brain injury: What have we learned after 20 years?. (2005). Traumatic Brain Injury 2005
Details Telecommuting: Meeting the Needs of Businesses and Employees with Disabilities. (2001). Telecommuting 2001
Details Costs of operating a supported work program for traumatically brain injured individuals. (1991). Traumatic Brain Injury 1991
Details Supported Employment: An alternative model for vocational rehabilitation to persons with severe neurologic, psychiatric or physical disability. (1991). Supported Employment 1991
Details Substance abuse assessment and treatment in vocational rehabilitation for persons with brain injury. (1991). Traumatic Brain Injury 1991
Details Supported employment for persons with severe disabilities: Positive trends in wages, models and funding. (1994). Supported Employment 1994
Details Vocational rehabilitation and traumatic brain injury: a legislative and public policy perspective. (1994). Traumatic Brain Injury 1994
Details Toward a national agenda for supported employment. (1994). Supported Employment 1994
Details Psychosocial and emotional sequelae of individuals with traumatic brain injury: a literature review and recommendations.. (1996). Traumatic Brain Injury 1996
Details Return to work for persons with severe traumatic brain injury: a data-based approach to program development. (1995). Traumatic Brain Injury 1995
Details Toward a customer-driven approach of supported employment. (1995). Supported Employment 1995
Details Customer initiated supported employment. (1996). Supported Employment 1996
Details Findings from a national disability business summit: Implications for the field.. (1998). Employer Partnerships 1998
Details Supported employment and assistive technology for persons with spinal cord injury: Three illustrations of successful work supports.. (1998). Spinal Cord Injury 1998
Details Supported employment program development and research needs: Looking ahead to the year 2000. (1999). Supported Employment 1999
Details Removing transportation barriers for persons with spinal cord injuries: An ongoing challenge to community reintegration. (1999). Spinal Cord Injury 1999
Details Development of business supports for persons with mental retardation in the workplace. (1999). Supported Employment 1999
Details Strategies for funding supported employment: A review of federal programs. (2000). Supported Employment 2000
Details Supported employment benefit-cost analysis: Preliminary findings. (2000). Supported Employment 2000
Details Clinical differential analysis of persons with autism in a work setting: A follow-up study. (2000). Autism 2000
Details Return to work for individuals with TBI and a history of substance abuse. (2000). Traumatic Brain Injury 2000
Details Vocational rehabilitation status in traumatic brain injury: The need for revitalizing energies and cohesive direction.. (2001). Traumatic Brain Injury 2001
Details Supported Employment: The Challenges of New Staff Recruitment, Selection and Retention. (2002). Supported Employment 2002
Details Changes in the quality of autistic people's life that work in supported and sheltered employment. A 5-year follow-up study.. (2002). Supported Employment 2002
Details Return to work for persons with spinal cord injury: Designing work supports. (2004). Spinal Cord Injury 2004
Details Enhancing the Schooling of Students with Traumatic Brain Injury. (2002). Traumatic Brain Injury 2002
Details Acute predictors of return to employment after traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal follow-up.. (2002). Traumatic Brain Injury 2002
Details Workplace inclusion: Persons with disabilities and coworkers working together. (2003). Supported Employment 2003
Details An Overview of the National EEOC ADA Research Project. (2005). Accommodations 2005
Details Workplace Personal Assistance Service and Assistive Technology (Article). Personal Assistance Services
Details Profiles of Teleworkers with Disabilities. Telecommuting
Details Outcomes of Postsecondary Supported Education Programs for People with Psychiatric Disabilities. Psychiatric Disabilities
Details A New Era: Revitalizing Special Education for Children and Their Families. Special Education
Details The Myths and Realities of Supported Employment. Supported Employment
Details Improving Access to Competitive Employment For Persons With Developmental Disabilities as a Means of Reducing Social Security Expenditures. Federal Legislation
Details Identifying and Selecting Job-Site Supports. Job Development and Marketing
Details Establishing Social Security Eligibility. Social Security
Details Employer's attitudes toward persons with disabilities in the workforce: myths or realities?. Supported Employment
Details Predictors of vocational rehabilitation return to work outcomes in workers compensation. (2017). Vocational Rehabilitation 2017
Details Vocational Options Project: Chapter 1. Transition to Work
Details Introduction - The Impact of Supported Employment for People with Significant Disabilities: Preliminary Findings from the National Supported Employment Consortium. Supported Employment
Details Forward - The Impact of Supported Employment for People with Significant Disabilities: Preliminary Findings from the National Supported Employment Consortium. Supported Employment
Details A Tiered Approach to Promote Safety and Security in an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Program for College Students with Intellectual Disability. (2016). Transition to College 2016
Details Fostering self-determination in higher education: Identifying evidence-based practices. (2014). Transition to College 2014
Details Implementing Project SEARCH in rural counties: A case study approach. (2014). Supported Employment 2014
Details In their own words: The career planning experiences of college students with ASD. (2014). Transition to College 2014
Details Perspectives of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors on the Career Planning Process for College Students with ASD. (2017). Vocational Rehabilitation 2017
Details Students with autism spectrum disorder in college: Results from a preliminary mixed methods needs analysis. (2017). Transition to Work 2017