Resources: Book Chapters

  Title Topic Year Added
View Transition from high school to adulthood for young adults with ASD Autism 2017
View Meaningful employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders Autism 2017
View Applications for youth with learning disabilities Transition to College 2017
View Pursuing postsecondary education opportunities for individuals with disabilities Transition to College 2017
View Understanding the transition from school to adulthood for students with autism Autism 2012
View Postsecondary options for students with autism Autism 2009
View Living in the Community Autism 2009
View Critical Life Skills Transition to Work 2009
View Integrated Employment Autism 2009
View Teaching youth for success: From classroom to community Autism 2009
View Social Security Disability Benefit Issues Affecting Transition-Age Youth Social Security 2009
View Navigating the World of Adult Services and Benefits Planning Social Security 2009
View Person-centered planning: Facilitating Inclusive Employment Outcomes Person Centered Planning 2009
View Universal Design for Transition and Community Living Transition to Work 2009