Resources: Books

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Details Autism spectrum disorders in adolescents and adults: Evidence-based and promising interventions. (2014). Autism 2014
Details Return to Work Following Traumatic Brain Injury. (2012). Traumatic Brain Injury 2012
Details Getting the Most Out of IEPs. (2010). Special Education 2010
Details Essentials of Transition Planning. (2011). Transition to Work 2011
Details Universal Design for Transition: A Roadmap for Planning and Instruction. (2009). Assistive Technology 2009
Details Autism and the Transition to Adulthood: Success beyond the classroom. (2009). Autism 2009
Details Real Work for Real Pay: Inclusive employment for people with disabilties. (2006). Supported Employment 2006
Details Vocational Curriculum for Individuals With Special Needs: Transition from School to Adulthood. (1999). Transition to Work 1999
Details Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young Adults with Disabilities (New 5th Edition). (2012). Transition to Work 2012
Details Individual Transition Plans: The Teacher's Curriculum Guide for Helping Youth with Special Needs (2nd Edition). (2002). Special Education 2002
Details Functional Curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Age Students with Special Needs (3rd edition). (2012). Special Education 2012