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Employment Research Resources

Title Format Year Added
Effects of Post-secondary Education on Employment Outcomes and Earnings of Young Adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries Plain Language Summaries 2021
The Resiliency of Employees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Shutdown: A Retrospective Review of Employment Files Plain Language Summaries 2020
Investigating Understandings of Employment Practices for Persons with Disabilities Plain Language Summaries 2020
Conversations on Conversions: Family Perspectives on Pathways to Integrated Employment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities Plain Language Summaries 2019
Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go Plain Language Summaries 2018
The Diversity Partners Project: Multi-Systemic Knowledge Translation and Business Engagement Strategies to Improve Employment of People with Disabilities Plain Language Summaries 2018
Employment Goals and Settings: Effects of Individual and Systemic Factors Plain Language Summaries 2018
Q & A on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities: Using Social Capital to Access Opportunities and Contribute to our Communities - November 2016 Fact Sheets and Briefs 2016
Barriers to and Facilitators of Employment among Americans with Multiple Sclerosis: Results of a Qualitative Focus Group Study Articles 2016
Predictive validity of the Individual placement and support fidelity scale (IPS-25): A replication study Articles 2015
National Core indicators: Data on the current state of employment of adults with IDD and suggestions for policy development Articles 2015
What does it take to build an employment collaborative for people with disabilities? Articles 2015
Q & A on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities: Employment and Multiple Sclerosis - August 2014 Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Beyond 90 Days: Successful Employment after Disability (Audio Presentation) Display in Info section ONLY 2014
Effective Practices and Predictors of Positive Employment Outcomes Fact Sheets and Briefs