Veterans Resources

Title Format Year Added
Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans with amputation: An exploration of resilience, employment and individual characteristics Articles 2018
Factors Influencing Functional Outcomes and Return-to-Work After Amputation: A Review of the Literature Articles 2018
An Exploration of Employment Barriers and Employment Skill Enhancement of Veterans with Traumatic Amputation Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Effectiveness of supported employment for veterans with spinal cord injuries: results from a randomized multisite study Articles 2012
Individual Unemployability Fact Sheet 2011
Healthcare Options for Veterans 2010
Veterans Information Gathering Tool 2009
HVRP Factsheet #6: Ex-Offenders and Employment Factsheets 2009
HVRP Factsheet #5: Resources for Veterans with Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Factsheets 2009
HVRP Factsheet #4: Quality Indicators for Projects Serving Veterans with Significant Employment Barriers Factsheets 2009
HVRP Factsheet #3: State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies: An Under-Utilized Resource of Homeless and Disabled Veterans Fact Factsheets 2008
HVRP Factsheet #1: Understanding the VA and DoD Disability Benefit System Factsheets 2008
HVRP Factsheet #2: Using Tax Credits to Encourage Hiring of Homeless and Disabled Veterans Factsheets 2008
Self-Employment Q & A: Disabled Veterans and Self-Employment Factsheets 2008
Answering the Civilian Call of Duty to Uphold the Employment and Reemployment Rights of Uniformed Service Members: A Discussion of Obligations 2008