Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

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Community integration: current issues in assistive technology and vocational rehabilitation for individuals with TBI Articles 2017
Transition planning for youth with traumatic brain injury: Findings from the National Longitudinal Transition Survey-2 Articles 2017
Vocational rehabilitation services and outcomes for transition-age youth with traumatic brain injuries Articles 2017
Post-concussion symptoms in mild traumatic brain injury: Findings from a pediatric outpatient clinic Articles 2017
Evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook to impact the knowledge of evidence-based employment practices by individuals with traumatic brain injury: A knowledge translation random control study Articles 2017
KTER Center Technical Brief #6: Highlights from a KTER Center Systematic Review: Employment Interventions for Return to Work in Working Aged Adults Following Traumatic Brain Injury Fact Sheets and Briefs 2015
Q & A on Supported Employment: An Overview for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Functional limitations in TBI and their relationship to job maintenance following work re-entry Articles 2013
Return to Work Following Traumatic Brain Injury Books 2013
Racial differences in employment outcomes after traumatic brain injury Articles 2009
Productive work and employment for persons with traumatic brain injury: What have we learned after 20 years? Articles 2005
Costs of operating a supported work program for traumatically brain injured individuals Articles 2005
Substance abuse assessment and treatment in vocational rehabilitation for persons with brain injury Articles 2005
Vocational rehabilitation and traumatic brain injury: a legislative and public policy perspective Articles 2005
Psychosocial and emotional sequelae of individuals with traumatic brain injury: a literature review and recommendations. Articles 2005
Return to work for persons with severe traumatic brain injury: a data-based approach to program development Articles 2005
Return to work for individuals with TBI and a history of substance abuse Articles 2005
Vocational rehabilitation status in traumatic brain injury: The need for revitalizing energies and cohesive direction. Articles 2005
Enhancing the Schooling of Students with Traumatic Brain Injury Articles 2005
Acute predictors of return to employment after traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal follow-up. Articles 2005
Using telerehabilitation to promote TBI recovery and transfer of Knowledge 2005
Worldwide Traumatic Brain Injury Programs 2005