Transition to Work

Transition to Work Resources

Title Format Year Added
Stakeholder Perspectives on Paid Work Experiences of Youth with Disabilities 2020
5 Fascinating Facts: Exploring Technology Fact Sheets and Briefs 2018
7 Fascinating Facts: Goal setting and action planning Fact Sheets and Briefs 2018
The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act 2014: Students in Transition Fact Sheets and Briefs 2017
Start on Success Fact Sheets and Briefs 2017
Predictors of Successful Transition from School to Employment for Youth with Disabilities Articles 2017
Longitudinal outcomes of Project SEARCH in upstate New York Articles 2015
Young People with Physical Disabilities Working in the Technology Industry Previous Training Resources 2015
Promoting transition to adulthood for youth with physical disabilities and health impairments Articles 2014
Transition from School to Work: Where are we and where do we need to go? Articles 2012
Essentials of Transition Planning Books 2012
Project Search Internship Leads to Employment Case Studies 2010
Universal Design for Transition and Community Living Book Chapters 2009
SGA Determination Decision Tree 2009
Assisting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families to Pursue Their Employment Fact Sheets and Briefs 2007
Vocational Curriculum for Individuals With Special Needs: Transition from School to Adulthood Books 2005
Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young Adults with Disabilities (New 5th Edition) Books 2005
Understanding and Promoting the Transition of Minority Adolescents 2005
Transition Options for Youth with Disabilities: An Overview Of the Programs and Policies that Affect the Transition from School 2005
Todd Finds The Pathway To Independence 2005
Setting Up Situational Assessments 2005
School to Where? A Literature Review on Economic Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities 2005
What Can Students Do To Increase Their Involvement In School To Work Activities? 2005
An Empirical Typology of Career Thoughts of Individuals with disabilities. 2005
Vocational Options Project: Chapter 1 Articles 2005
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Case Study Case Studies 2005
Students with autism spectrum disorder in college: Results from a preliminary mixed methods needs analysis Articles