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Title Format Year Added
Employment outcomes for students with intellectual disabilities in postsecondary education programs: A scoping review Plain Language Summaries 2022
Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Youth with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2022
Scoping Review of Cost Analyses of Employment Services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Plain Language Summaries 2020
The Impact of Employment Goals and Settings on People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Plain Language Summaries 2020
Connecting in the Workplace: A New Take on the Social Work Environment Fact Sheets and Briefs 2018
Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Relations: Preliminary Indicators of State VR Agency Capacity Plain Language Summaries 2018
Consumer perspectives on reasons for unsuccessful VR case closure: An exploratory study Articles 2015
KTER Center Technical Brief #5: Highlights from a KTER Center Systematic Review: Behavioral, Psychological, Educational and Vocational Interventions to Facilitate Employment Outcomes for Cancer Survivors Fact Sheets and Briefs 2015
Q & A on Employment: Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Q & A on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities: Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals with Physical Disabilities - April 2014 Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Moving employment research into practice: Knowledge and application of evidence-based practices by state vocational rehabilitation agency staff Articles 2013
Find your Local American Job Center 2009
Self-Employment Q & A: Accessing Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Facilitate Self-Employment as an Employment Outcome Factsheets 2008
Factors Associated with Employment Among Persons Who Have a Vision Impairment: A Follow-Up of Vocational Placement Referrals 2005
Strategies of Support: Increasing the Capacity of One-Stop Centers to Meet the Needs of Job Seekers with Disabilities 2005
Rep Shows How to Work With Business 2005
Services Available to People with Disabilities Within One-Stops 2005
Longitudinal Outcomes in Vermont's Consumer Choice Demonstration Project (1993 - 1999) 2005
Comparing Employment Outcomes of Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers with Hearing Loss to Other Consumers and the General Labor Force 2005
Predictors of vocational rehabilitation return to work outcomes in workers compensation Articles 2005
University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services Case Study Case Studies 2005
Perspectives of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors on the Career Planning Process for College Students with ASD Articles