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Title Format Year Added
Quick Facts 5: Employment Specialists Services and Benefits to Businesses and People with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2020
Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go Plain Language Summaries 2020
The Power of the Employment Specialist: Skills that Impact Outcomes Plain Language Summaries 2019
Quick Facts: Employment Specialists Services and Benefits to Businesses and People with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2019
Supported Employment Quality Features Guide 2019
Use of a School Based Supported Employment Fidelity Scale as a Self-Assessment Tool for Secondary School Personnel Fact Sheets and Briefs 2018
A Guide to Increasing Independence on a Job Site Guides 2018
A Guide to Networking with Businesses Guides 2018
Work-Based Learning for Students with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2018
Implementing the Discovery Process Fact Sheets and Briefs 2017
Effect of supported employment on vocational rehabilitation outcomes of transition-age youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A case control study Articles 2017
Separation from supported employment: a retrospective chart review study Articles 2017
The Employer's Guide to Supported Employment Articles 2015
A randomized controlled trial of evidence-based supported employment: Nonvocational outcomes Articles 2015
Supported Employment: What is it? Articles 2015
KTER Center Technical Brief #4: Knowledge Translation for Employment Research Fact Sheets and Briefs 2014
Prevocational services and supported employment wages Articles 2012
KTER Center Technical Brief #3: Knowledge and Application of Evidence-Based Practice by State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Staff Fact Sheets and Briefs 2012
KTER Center Technical Brief #2: Benefits of Supported Employment for Workers with Intellectual Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2012
KTER Center Technical Brief #1: Strategies for Reemploying Dislocated Workers with Disabilities Fact Sheets and Briefs 2012
The Economics of Supported Employment: What New Data Tell Us Articles 2012
JVR 20th Anniversary- Editor’s Introduction Articles 2012
Executive Summary - Advancing Employment and Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Roundtable on Employment for People with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities Reports 2009
Placement Support Plan Previous Training Resources 2008
Linking One-Stop Career Centers and Homeless Assistance & Housing Programs Case Studies 2008
Quality Indicators for Competitive Employment Outcomes & Indicator Form Fact Sheet CRP Strategies for Supporting Community Jobs 2008
Supporting Individuals with Significant Disabilities: The Roles of a Job Coach CRP Strategies for Supporting Community Jobs 2008
Real Work for Real Pay: Inclusive employment for people with disabilties Books 2007
Winner of the 2005 Jackie Crews Excellence in Leadership Award 2005
Vocational Placements and Careers 2005
Project Corporate Support (CORPS): A model demonstration oproject on workplace supports. Articles 2005
Supported Employment: An alternative model for vocational rehabilitation to persons with severe neurologic, psychiatric or physical disability Articles 2005
Supported employment for persons with severe disabilities: Positive trends in wages, models and funding Articles 2005
Toward a national agenda for supported employment Articles 2005
Toward a customer-driven approach of supported employment Articles 2005
Customer initiated supported employment Articles 2005
Supported employment program development and research needs: Looking ahead to the year 2000 Articles 2005
Development of business supports for persons with mental retardation in the workplace Articles 2005
Strategies for funding supported employment: A review of federal programs Articles 2005
Supported employment benefit-cost analysis: Preliminary findings Articles 2005
Supported Employment: The Challenges of New Staff Recruitment, Selection and Retention Articles 2005
Changes in the quality of autistic people's life that work in supported and sheltered employment. A 5-year follow-up study. Articles 2005
Workplace inclusion: Persons with disabilities and coworkers working together Articles 2005
A Working Interview 2005
What is Supported Employment? 2005
Understanding Supported Employment 2005
Training Job Coaches to use Natural Support Strategies 2005
Supported Employment Outcomes Across a Decade: Is there Evidence of Improvement in the Quality of Implementation? 2005
Social Disclosure Among Coworkers 2005
Role of the Service Provider 2005
The Use of Self-Management Strategies for Increasing the Appropriate Hygiene of Persons with Disabilities in Supported Employment Settings 2005
Supported Employment Definitions 2005
Is Your Company Looking for Qualified People with Disabilities? 2005
Hire the person, not the preconception 2005
Practices Differentiating High-Performing from Low-Performing Supported Employment Programs 2005
Performance-Based Funding 2005
NGA report urges states to develop supported employment programs. 2005
The Myths and Realities of Supported Employment Articles 2005
The monetary benefits of and costs of hiring supported employees: A primer 2005
Lift Offers an Opportunity for A Productive Career 2005
Use Of Natural Supports in Supported Employment 2005
Job Observation and Behavior Scale: A Supported Employment Assessment Instrument 2005
Workforce Training: Productivity 2005
Are individuals with severe physical impairments underserved in supported employment? 2005
Helping Individuals with Disabilities in Employment Through Workplace Supports 2005
Helping Persons with Cognitive Disabilities Be Productive 2005
National Marketing Initiative on Supported Employment 2005
Extended Services: Analysis of Implementation 2005
Enhance A Worker's Ability To Learn And Perform Independently 2005
Empowering the Nation's Jobseekers 2005
Employer's attitudes toward persons with disabilities in the workforce: myths or realities? Articles 2005
Introduction - The Impact of Supported Employment for People with Significant Disabilities: Preliminary Findings from the National Supported Employment Consortium Articles 2005
Forward - The Impact of Supported Employment for People with Significant Disabilities: Preliminary Findings from the National Supported Employment Consortium Articles 2005
Supported Employment Handbook: A Customer-Driven Approach for Persons with Significant Disabilities Manual Monographs/Manuals 2005
Bank of America Case Study Case Studies 2005
Implementing Project SEARCH in rural counties: A case study approach Articles
Employment and Disability: Expanding Employment Opportunities Fact Sheets and Briefs
Employment First in Virginia Fact Sheets and Briefs