New Publications

  Title Author(s) Year
View Factors Influencing Functional Outcomes and Return-to-Work After Amputation: A Review of the Literature Darter, B.
Hawley, C.
Armstrong, A.
Avellone, L.
Wehman, P.
View Evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook to impact the knowledge of evidence-based employment practices by individuals with traumatic brain injury: A knowledge translation random control study Inge, K.
Graham, C.
McLaughlin, J.
Erickson, D.
Wehman, P.
Seward, H.
View Studying abroad inclusively: Reflections by college students with and without intellectual disability Prohn, S.
Kelley, K.
Westling, D.
View Students with autism spectrum disorder in college: Results from a preliminary mixed methods needs analysis White, S.
Elias, R.
Salinas, C.
Capriola, N.
Conner, C.
Asselin, S.
Miyazaki, Y.
Mazefsky, C.
Howlin, P.
Getzel, L.
View Perspectives of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors on the Career Planning Process for College Students with ASD Getzel, L.
Grauer, C.
Briel, L.
View Effects of an employer-based intervention on employment outcomes for youth with significant support needs due to autism Wehman, P.
Schall, C.
McDonough, J.
Graham, C.
Brooke, V.
Riehle, E.
Brooke, A.
Ham, W.
Lau, S.
Allen, J.
Avellone, L.
View Post-concussion symptoms in mild traumatic brain injury: Findings from a pediatric outpatient clinic Dillard, C.
Ditchman, N.
Nersessova, K.
Foster, N.
Wehman, P.
West, M.
Neblett, J.
View Predictors of vocational rehabilitation return to work outcomes in workers compensation , .