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Citation:  Doyel, Alice Weiss (2002). A realistic perspective of risk in self-employment for people with disabilities. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 17 (2), 115-124.
Title:  A realistic perspective of risk in self-employment for people with disabilities
Authors:  Doyel, Alice Weiss
Year:  2002
Journal/Publication:  Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
Publisher:  IOS Press
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Peer-reviewed?  No
NIDILRR-funded?  Yes

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Background:  To have self-employment as a true option for people with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation counselors need to understand what "at risk" means in the small business setting. They need to learn the steps that can be taken to reduce that "risk", increasing the probability of developing a successful business. The advantages of self-employment for a person with disabilities must be taken into consideration when assessing risk, for these often more than outweigh any risk involved. Positive methods should be employed to increase the probability of the person creating a successful, long-term business. These methods including entrepreneurship training, effective business planning that incorporates both personal and business goals, and technical support that looks at, and continues into, the future of the business rather than just its start up. Finally, risk is reduced by utilizing workplace accommodations that increase the effectiveness of the entire business, rather than just focusing the needs of the business owner with disabilities.

Disabilities served:  Multiple disabilities
Interventions:  Accommodations
Outcomes:  Self-employment