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Citation:  Kregel, John; O'Mara, Susan (2011). Work Incentive Counseling as a workplace support. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 35 (2), 73-83.
Title:  Work Incentive Counseling as a workplace support
Authors:  Kregel, John; O'Mara, Susan
Year:  2011
Journal/Publication:  Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
Publisher:  IOS Press
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
NIDILRR-funded?  Yes

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Background:  Many Social Security disability beneficiaries are employed and many more would like to enter or reenter the workforce. Among the self-reported obstacles to employment identified by beneficiaries are: (1) fear of losing benefits; (2) fear of losing health care coverage; and (3) unpredictable administration of available Social Security work incentives. Work Incentive Counseling is an employment support that can assist beneficiaries to overcome these obstacles and pursue their self-chosen employment and financial independence goals. Available data confirm that Work Incentive Counseling is a cost-effective support that improves the employment outcomes of Social Security disability beneficiaries.

Disabilities served:  Multiple disabilities
Populations served:  SSI and SSDI recipients
Interventions:  Other