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Citation:  Kregel, J. & O'Mara, S. (2011). Work Incentive Counseling as a workplace support. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 35 (2), 73-83.
Title:  Work Incentive Counseling as a workplace support
Authors:  Kregel, J. & O'Mara, S.
Year:  2011
Journal/Publication:  Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
Publisher:  IOS Press
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Peer-reviewed?  No
NIDILRR-funded?  Yes

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Background:  There are a number of obstacles facing social security beneficiaries, many of whom are employed or have a desire to enter or return to the workforce. Some of the obstacles reported by those beneficiaries include: the fear of losing benefits; the fear of losing health care coverage; and the unpredictable administration of available Social Security work incentives. One employment support that can help these beneficiaries achieve their employment goals and gain financial independence is Work Incentive Counseling.

Disabilities served:  Multiple disabilities
Populations served:  SSI and SSDI recipients
Interventions:  Other