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Citation:  Herbert, S.J. and Ashworth, N.L (2005). Predictors of return to work following traumatic work-related lower extremity amputation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 28 (10), 613-618.
Title:  Predictors of return to work following traumatic work-related lower extremity amputation
Authors:  Herbert, S.J. and Ashworth, N.L
Year:  2005
Journal/Publication:  Disability and Rehabilitation
Publisher:  Taylor and Francis
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
NIDILRR-funded?  Not reported
Research design:  Database mining

Structured abstract:

Background:  Many traumatic amputations of lower extremities occur to the young, mostly male working population. This results in a large loss of productivity for their employer and a loss of earnings for the worker.
Purpose:  This study aims to identify if the variables tracked by the Worker's Compensation Board of Alberta are sufficient for predicted whether or not an employee will return to work (RTW) after a lower extremity amputation, and how long it will take for them to return if they do.
Setting:  The study was done in Alberta, Canada, though their Worker's Compensation Board.
Study sample:  The sample used was taken from the database of the WCB in Alberta. Subjects with lower extremity amputations, including feet, toes, and legs were included.
Data collection and analysis:  88 subjects were identified as meeting the criteria of the study, and their records from the database were examined.
Findings:  Amputation level, cost of living, and days of total disability all had a significant connection to an individual's likelihood of return to work. Age at the time of the accident, more surgery, fewer days of care at a hospital, and more severe amputations predicted the time of total disability.
Conclusions:  Based on the data, it is important for people tracking the employment outcomes of injured workers to focus beyond just the amputation, and include items such as rehabilitation and their prosthetic fitting, plus life factors like their income prior to operation.

Disabilities served:  Amputation
Outcomes:  Return to work