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Citation:  Fernández, A., Isusim, I., and Gómez, M. (2000). Factors conditioning the return to work of upper limb amputees in Asturias, Spain. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 24 (2), 143-147.
Title:  Factors conditioning the return to work of upper limb amputees in Asturias, Spain
Authors:  Fernández, A., Isusim, I., and Gómez, M.
Year:  2000
Journal/Publication:  Prosthetics and Orthotics International
Publisher:  Sage journals
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
NIDILRR-funded?  No
Research design:  Survey research

Structured abstract:

Background:  Amputations of the upper limb account for about 15% of all amputations, with the most common cause being injury via a traumatic accident. While such an occurrence can be financially devastating, as losing an upper limb naturally leads to a large loss in functionality, few papers have been published on the subject of returning those with upper limb amputations to employment.
Purpose:  The goal of the study was to evaluate how well those with upper limb amputations could return to work, and what factors could provide a positive influence for them.
Setting:  The study took place in Asturias, Spain, and all research was conducted on patients living there.
Study sample:  The sample consisted of 43 people who had a major upper limb amputation as a result of an accident which occurred at work. All patients were male, with an average age of 51.
Data collection and analysis:  Data was obtained by means of a telephone survey issues to the subjects, and statistically analyzed using a Chi-square test or Fisher test depending on the data.
Findings:  The average age of the patient when they had their limb amputated was 35. After their amputations, 22 out of the 43 patients continued working, and 13 of those found work in the same company they worked for prior to their accident. 8 Had to find a new company to work for, and 1 was able to return to his original position.
Conclusions:  Rehabilitation scales rarely pay attention to the obtaining of gainful employment, even though it is very important both socially and financially.

Disabilities served:  Amputation
Outcomes:  Return to work