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Citation:  Powell, S. (2014). Choosing iPad apps with a purpose. Teaching Exceptional Children, 47 (1), 20-26.
Title:  Choosing iPad apps with a purpose
Authors:  Powell, S.
Year:  2014
Journal/Publication:  Teaching Exceptional Children
Publisher:  Sage Publications, Inc.
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
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Background:  The use of technology in schools is an effective and beneficial way to facilitate learning. The iPad is a popular and effective device that can be customized to meet the learning needs of any student. Browsing the iTunes store for content can be overwhelming for any instructor with only a limited amount of time to prepare lessons.
Purpose:  The purpose of this paper is to discuss steps for teachers to target apps that contain appropriate content and will produce appropriate learning outcomes for the grade level.
Findings:  The first step is to identify learning objectives. With the abundance of apps in the iTunes store it is important to have a clear target. The next step is to review 5 to 10 potential apps that meet the criteria. The third step is to select standards that align with the app. It is important to meet some sort of specific standard of learning. The fourth step is to identify essential features and limitations of the app. After this the instructor is ready to choose and download an app. After this it is important to identify the needs of students with disabilities and to set up the iPad for school use.
Conclusions:  iPads can be an effective learning tool if utilized correctly.