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Citation:  Weng, P.L., Savage, M.N., & Bouck, E.C. (2014). Video-based instruction using ipads. Teaching Exceptional Children, 47 (1), 231-239.
Title:  Video-based instruction using ipads
Authors:  Weng, P.L., Savage, M.N., & Bouck, E.C.
Year:  2014
Journal/Publication:  Teaching Exceptional Children
Publisher:  Sage Publications Inc.
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
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Background:  Video based instruction is an effective way to teach behaviors to special needs students. The process of creating videos within a limited time frame for lesson planning can be difficult for some teachers however. All in one devices such as the iPad can be used to create, edit, and share videos all in one.
Purpose:  The purpose of this article was to provide teachers with information on how to make video based instruction using the iPad.
Findings:  The first step in making video based instruction is to choose a format. Second is to break down the task in a task analysis. Third is to decide on a model. Fourth is to decide whether the video will be in first or third person. Fifth will be deciding if the recording environment will be simulated or natural. Step six is to set up the environment and get any required permissions. Step seven is to film the actual video. Step eight is to perform any necessary editing. Step nine is to save the video to a playing app. Step ten is to test out the video on another professional before showing it to students. Considerations include when to watch the video and how to follow up on the lesson with students.
Conclusions:  This article only addressed the iPad but the same key points can be applied to other tablets and video making programs.

Populations served:  Other
Interventions:  Assistive technology