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Citation:  Luecking, R.G., Cuozzo, L., & Buchanan, L (2006). Demand-side workforce needs and the potential for job customization. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 37 (4), 5-13.
Title:  Demand-side workforce needs and the potential for job customization
Authors:  Luecking, R.G., Cuozzo, L., & Buchanan, L
Year:  2006
Journal/Publication:  Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling
Publisher:  National Rehabilitation Counseling Association
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
NIDILRR-funded?  No
Research design:  Survey research

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Background:  Vocational rehabilitation services have historically remained on the supply side of the equation. The services have focused on building job search skills and job skills in individuals with disabilities. Recently services have begun to adopt a demand side approach. In this approach the vocational services work with employers to help meet their work needs. Meeting their needs through customized employment is an increasingly effective approach to accomplish that goal. Customized employment will work with the employer and employee to make the job able to be done according to what that individual with a disability is able to accomplish.
Purpose:  The purpose of this article is to explore a framework for providing demand side vocational rehabilitation through customized employment.
Study sample:  Nine employers in Maryland that hired employees with disabilities into customized employment positions.
Data collection and analysis:  Nine employers that hired employees into customized positions were surveyed about their experiences. The responses to each question in the survey were collected and summarized.
Findings:  Most of the responses indicated positive experiences and all of the employers indicated that they would recommend the program to others.
Conclusions:  These findings support the effectiveness of customized employment programs.

Interventions:  Other