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Citation:  Wittig, K.M., Holland, L.D., Dalton, A.D. (2014). Implementing Project SEARCH in rural counties: A case study approach. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 40 (3), 213-221.
Title:  Implementing Project SEARCH in rural counties: A case study approach
Authors:  Wittig, K.M., Holland, L.D., Dalton, A.D.
Year:  2014
Journal/Publication:  Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
Publisher:  IOS Press
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Peer-reviewed?  Yes
NIDILRR-funded?  No
Research design:  Case history review

Structured abstract:

Background:  Project SEARCH is an employer based model of supported employment. The project provides on the job training to students with disabilities through immersion at business sites. Students rotate through three different sites over a 10 month period.
Purpose:  The purpose of this article is to illustrate how project SEARCH has impacted the lives of the interns.
Setting:  Rural Southwest Virginia
Findings:  One student worked in a financial records office at a hospital, an oncology radiation unit, and an engineering department. This student gained confidence, skills, and got high reviews. Afterwards he obtained a full time position at a local big box retail store. Another student had minimal success in his first internship in a hospital sterile department, became an asset to his department at his second site, and after his third site was able to eventually gain full time work at the department. A third student was able to break a cycle of unemployment and poverty in her family and become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) with a full time job in home health care.
Conclusions:  This project has seen great success in rural Southwest Virginia. Applications for the project have been steadily increasing and Project SEARCH has enhanced the lives of those that have experienced it.

Populations served:  Transition-age youth (14 - 24)
Interventions:  On-the-job training and support
Outcomes:  Employment acquisition
Full-time employment
Part-time employment