Customized Employment for Previously Incarcerated Individuals with Disabilities

About the Course


Using demand-side employment research can help identify the largest or fastest growth areas of employment opportunities and the skill sets needed for these demand occupations. Employers are less risk averse in occupations where the demand is high and the supply of qualified workers is low. Pairing customized employment with a demand-side approach, with the individual job seekers driving the process, can guide which businesses to approach for informational interviewing and ultimately hiring.

University of Illinois is offering a unique training opportunity that is focused on employment strategies and practices that will increase the employment outcomes of previously incarcerated individuals with disabilities. This online web course will include the following content areas:

  • overview of customized employment,
  • discovery and the importance of getting to know the job seeker's skills and abilities,
  • job development techniques and strategies,
  • job site training, and
  • long term supports.


For additional information about this course, contact:

Katie Thompson

For technical assistance, please contact Lucian Friel,

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