Collaborator Bio

David X. Cifu, M.D.

Chair and Professor of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Medical Director of the Rehabilitation and Research Center | (804) 828-4231

Dr. Cifu is chair and professor of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and is medical director of the Rehabilitation and Research Center. He graduated from Boston University Medical School, and received his residency training and served on the teaching faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

His areas of expertise in PM&R include geriatrics, stroke, brain injury and multi-trauma. He was chair of the AAPM&R Self-Directed Medical Knowledge Program Study Guide in geriatric rehabilitation and a contributing author to the Stroke Rehabilitation Study Guide.

He is co-director of the Comprehensive Model of Research and Rehabilitation for the Traumatically Brain Injured and has lectured extensively at the local, regional and national level on all areas of PM&R.